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This just in from the Debt Reduction Herald - you could be debt free in under three years. Just three years. If you think that's a long time, well, you're wrong. Because when it comes to idiots who seek debt relief on their own - without the glory of debt reduction assistance - they are going to be taking 10-20 years on average. This is because they don't know just how easy professional agencies can make it to reduce your debt and move on with life. We're here to change all of that, to drive the point home that stable, reliable debt management is always just a couple steps away.

You can read more about this breaking story inside this week's Debt Reduction Herald. It's the world's foremost authority on debt settlement and all related strategies.

Grab it on your way to work. Heck, read us at work. Anywhere and any time is sufficient to learn as much as you can about debt help, right? Pick us up on your way home from the bars. We are a paper for all consumers and times of day. Inside the pages of our fine publication, which has led the way in bringing debt reduction information to the public since 2005, you can read all sorts of interesting facts, editorials, testimonials, opinions and so much more about the industry.

It's all here in today's Herald. Stop by any newsstand and get yours. Or, if you don't want that annoying ink-on-your-fingers feeling, just peruse our site right here online ( From the serious to the absurd, we have something for everyone. In addition to our new sports page, we are also proud to announce the debut of another new section as well - and Arts & Entertainment - for those interested in such things.

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Volume 77 Issue July, 2008